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    Hi Friends,

    My name is Larry Semerad and I have written and recorded a song ([Crank The Pump And] Drain The Swamp) which should be of very much interest to you. I understand a campaign rally is scheduled nearby in Fayetteville on September 9th. I believe this song will supply the impetus to propel Dan Bishop to victory, as well as our esteemed president in the 2020 election. If this song is pumped through the sound system at a campaign rally, the crowd is bound to respond with a feverish level of excitement. I have submitted the song to various Republican Headquarters who plan to use the song. I can mail a cee-dee to you and/or send the song in an attachment (MP3 file), however it requires 13 MB on your end. I am including the lyric (below) with this correspondence.

    Thank you, folks, take care, don’t fall in the swamp, and above all, keep on keeping-on living the healthy life.
    Larry Semerad
    Phone number: (850) 830-4608

    Drain The Swamp words & music by Larry Semerad

    Copyright 2018

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    They say the Russians caused disruption.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    Well, we’ve a deep state and it’s worse than Watergate,

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    Without doubt it must be cleaned out.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    Each and every culprit should be locked up.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    The election had an outcome the opposition cannot bear.

    Federal cops pulled out the stops to take our POTUS out of there,

    And this should make us all beware.

    We hear collusion; Russian intrusion.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    We know it’s a hoax; and that’s no joke.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    The other side spied and lied.

    Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    They were sure she’d win till the votes came in.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    They say Trump’s rotten,

    Yet he’s not forgotten common folks like you and me.

    They can’t defeat him, so they say impeach him,

    Claiming there’s conspiracy.

    But we know which ones are guilty.

    This land of plenty has thrived on the many

    Whose sweat and blood built this great U.S.A.

    And yet the deep state tried to invalidate

    What we the people had to say,

    When we cast our votes that day.

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