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    Back to School Drive for Eastway Elementary Teachers

    For the last four years, the Durham GOP has sponsored an outreach event each August with a back to school drive.  This year, we are shifting our giveaway from students to….teachers. Yes, the Durham GOP will hold a ‘Back to School Drive for Teachers' and we have chosen Eastway Elementary in Durham as the recipient.


    Teachers come out of pocket every year to supply their classrooms.  The Durham GOP wants to aid in offering teacher-specific school supplies to help them be successful.  Join us!

    Check out their extensive list:

    Black Pens  Black/ Red sharpies  Bored Expo Markers   Bored Erasers   Erasers   Stapler removers with grip   Staples

    Hand staplers   Paper Clips   Rubber bands   Band aids  Tape & Tape holder dispenser   2 pocket folders   

    Variety color construction paper   Legal Variety color construction paper   REAMS of White printer copy paper 

    White out    standard envelope   Stick note pads    and much, much more!

    PLEADGE or GIVE NOW.   https://secure.anedot.com/durham-gop/lovedurhamteachers


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