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I was raised in the democratic party but was taught to vote the person, not the party.  However, the republican party aligns more with my beliefs and have switched to republican.  The candidates in the republican party have the same feelings and beliefs that I do.  Our city, county, state and federal governments are heading in the wrong direction and it needs to change.  I want to help be a part of that change.  When I was younger, I was a delegate all the way to the state convention in the sate I lived at the time.  I have held offices in the party I was affiliated with.  I have help supported republicans in anyway I could the last few years.  I want to do more of it now.

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    Specific roles and needs for the Headquarters

    2020 is here!  The Durham GOP is looking for participants to help the local party do our part in keeping North Carolina RED. We cannot afford to watch from the sidelines this year.  Come off the bleachers and enter the field of play.  Regardless of your ability or time constraints, the Durham Republican Party has a job for you! As we look to the most important election to-date, we would appreciate any help with the following:

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  • wants to volunteer 2020-01-29 23:53:38 -0500

    Become a volunteer

    Every organization needs volunteers. The Durham GOP is no different.  Join us as we work to enhance the GOP brand and get candidates elected.  Opportunities are available regardless of time or physical restraints.

      Fill out the form below and so we can connect and plug you in to the great opportunities happening in Durham.




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