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  • Thomas Sterne
    commented 2020-02-12 12:54:20 -0500
    Are there any Dan Forest yard signs available? Are there any Trump/Pence yard signs available?
  • Todd Tripoli
    commented 2020-02-07 13:12:47 -0500
    Are there any President Trump yard signs available?
  • Duke Morris
    commented 2020-02-03 00:37:25 -0500
  • Maryann Clark
    commented 2020-01-22 09:31:38 -0500
  • John Iwaniszek
    commented 2020-01-03 16:23:30 -0500
    Who is the twitterer who is accusing people of hating america if they disagree with the assassination of the Iranian General?
  • Na De Moe Yan
    commented 2020-01-03 06:53:34 -0500
    I support Mr.Donald Trump for President.
  • Diamondzion aka Martha Adhonna aka Bernard
    commented 2019-11-13 16:56:52 -0500
    11/13/2019 1:52pm 5495 Atlantic#12 Long Beach California The defendants of Floodgate are not off from the maximum penalty and the non revocable death penalty and no bail and no probation. I am still the plaintiff needing protection for self and family and needing to appear. Hurry from Queen President Eden Greenland USA and Global and OPEC Search and rescue has met up with obstruction and faking. I am not for telepathy nor is family. This is a real case.Do not come they murder anyone but send the military for the White House to help and get to court. Thanks Queen President Diamondzion.
  • Wendy Watson
    commented 2019-11-05 12:20:07 -0500
    Looked for your endorsements in Durham election. Can’t find much info except vote no on bond.
  • Alissa Batts
    commented 2019-11-05 08:15:31 -0500
    Please invite any 18-40yo registered Republicans to attend our next NCFYR Fall Quarterly Meeting in Greensboro, NC on Nov 16, 2019. We’ll have FREE activist training, a service project, social AND lunch with Congressmen Ted Budd and Mark Walker.
  • Would you please send me the Republican ballot for tomorrowLinda Lehman
    commented 2019-11-04 12:42:31 -0500
    Would you please send me the Republican ballot for tomorrow
  • Susan Jones
    commented 2019-10-07 23:12:43 -0400
    ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!! NEED YOUR HELP!! PLEASE SHARE (FB blocking me – need to get word out)




    Please visit your Congressman’s local congressional office to tell him or her not to impeach President Trump!

    There are ten easy steps to help you plan your visit!!
  • Derek Wales
    commented 2019-10-07 09:36:30 -0400
  • Carol Carroll
    commented 2019-10-02 16:50:50 -0400
    Are there Republican-endorsed candidates in the Durham city council at-large primary? I have not found that info on the DurhamGop website.
  • Alice Hershberger
    commented 2019-10-02 08:36:52 -0400
    Does Mr. Correa have a webpage or social media presence where voters can contact him?
  • Terry Mccann
    commented 2019-09-24 21:36:57 -0400
    I encourage all fellow Republicans to VOTE on October 8 for or very one Correa and Tarantino. Let’s bring the vote to Durham and make a change.
  • Larry Semerad
    commented 2019-08-29 20:58:54 -0400
    Hi Friends,

    My name is Larry Semerad and I have written and recorded a song ([Crank The Pump And] Drain The Swamp) which should be of very much interest to you. I understand a campaign rally is scheduled nearby in Fayetteville on September 9th. I believe this song will supply the impetus to propel Dan Bishop to victory, as well as our esteemed president in the 2020 election. If this song is pumped through the sound system at a campaign rally, the crowd is bound to respond with a feverish level of excitement. I have submitted the song to various Republican Headquarters who plan to use the song. I can mail a cee-dee to you and/or send the song in an attachment (MP3 file), however it requires 13 MB on your end. I am including the lyric (below) with this correspondence.

    Thank you, folks, take care, don’t fall in the swamp, and above all, keep on keeping-on living the healthy life.
    Larry Semerad
    Phone number: (850) 830-4608

    Drain The Swamp words & music by Larry Semerad

    Copyright 2018

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    They say the Russians caused disruption.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    Well, we’ve a deep state and it’s worse than Watergate,

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    Without doubt it must be cleaned out.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    Each and every culprit should be locked up.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    The election had an outcome the opposition cannot bear.

    Federal cops pulled out the stops to take our POTUS out of there,

    And this should make us all beware.

    We hear collusion; Russian intrusion.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    We know it’s a hoax; and that’s no joke.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    The other side spied and lied.

    Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    They were sure she’d win till the votes came in.

    (Crank the pump and drain the swamp)

    They say Trump’s rotten,

    Yet he’s not forgotten common folks like you and me.

    They can’t defeat him, so they say impeach him,

    Claiming there’s conspiracy.

    But we know which ones are guilty.

    This land of plenty has thrived on the many

    Whose sweat and blood built this great U.S.A.

    And yet the deep state tried to invalidate

    What we the people had to say,

    When we cast our votes that day.
  • Oliver Lambert
    commented 2019-08-25 23:27:19 -0400

    Since natural disasters are a constant threat, it’s important that we do everything we can to protect our families, our homes, and ourselves from their potentially devastating effects. That’s exactly what my site is dedicated to, and it’s why I’m reaching out to you today!

    I hope that in order to help your site’s visitors stay safe no matter what bad weather comes their way, you’ll consider adding some disaster safety information to one of your resource pages. Maybe it would be a good fit on a page with helpful information for local residents?

    Here are my suggestions. As you can see, this list covers a wide variety of natural disasters, so feel free to use all of these or pick and choose the ones you think are most relevant for your audience:

    Surviving a Wildfire

    Flash Flood Safety and Damage Prevention Guide

    Hurricane Safety Tips

    Ultimate Guide to Drought Safety

    Tornado Safety Guide

    How to Proactively Prepare for a Blizzard

    Thanks in advance for helping your readers stay prepared!



    Oliver Lambert |

    If you don’t want to hear from me again, please email me with “no more contact” in the subject line. On the other hand, if you’re interested in a new resource to share on your site (something that I write that you could maybe add as a blog post), let me know.
  • Linda Hatcher
    commented 2019-07-18 14:48:30 -0400
    the “donate here” button for school supplies in the email you sent out doesn’t work. i’d like to donate.
  • Gwendolyn Brinn
    commented 2019-07-18 11:49:04 -0400
    Hi, I would love to get involved with you. America was founded as a republic, Democrats are a Trojan horse who are hell-bent on destroying our great nation. I don’t have extra money to donate but I will help any other way I can.
  • Will Geiger
    commented 2019-07-12 21:20:55 -0400
  • Mary Sievers
    commented 2019-07-03 10:54:42 -0400
    interested in the 2020 trump campaign. where to get signs for front of the lawn, etc.
  • Joe Parrillo
    commented 2019-05-06 21:49:55 -0400
    My wife and I just moved to Durham. I can’t offer to volunteer at the moment as we need time to settle and move in to our new home, etc. But will try to come out to some of your events and functions, etc. Thx! MAGA!
  • Joe Parrillo
    commented 2019-05-06 21:49:54 -0400
    My wife and I just moved to Durham. I can’t offer to volunteer at the moment as we need time to settle and move in to our new home, etc. But will try to come out to some of your events and functions, etc. Thx! MAGA!
  • Mauricio Hernandez
    commented 2019-03-07 09:59:42 -0500
    Hi, I want to contact republican groups that are working on energy and environment topics in the Triangle area. I would like to invite them to come to my university and present their work to a group of students.
  • Robert Appleby
    commented 2019-03-01 15:56:55 -0500
    Since there will not be documents at the Convention, one must print the documents at home. However, the format requires too many pages to be printed. Some method needs to be used to reduce the number of printed pages.
  • Diane Parrish
    commented 2019-03-01 14:53:39 -0500
    I registered at the Durham GOP meeting last Tuesday to be a delegate! Will you please check your records
  • Thomas Freeman
    commented 2019-01-31 07:48:28 -0500
    Looking for information on the 19 March, 2019 convention.
  • Rod Gerwe
    commented 2018-11-18 12:27:55 -0500
    Immanuel Jarvis

    Chairman, Durham GOP

    Dear Mr. Jarvis:

    About your letter to the Herald-Sun.

    I used to be a Republican, and over the years I’ve voted for many GOP candidates including numerous GOP presidential candidates. I believe in traditional GOP principles, such as limited government, fiscal responsibility and the need for individual responsibility.

    However, the current GOP has abandoned these principles and I have left the party for the following reasons:

    • Both parties must set minimum qualifications for its candidates, which include human decency, competence for the job, good personal character, freedom from corruption, honesty, lack of bigotry, respect and compassion for others. Donald Trump fails on every one of these qualifications. The Republican leadership should spell out its qualifications for candidates and adhere to them. The GOP should never have supported Trump as the nominee. I would have voted for Kasich. Trump has made so many bad decisions, engaged in so many corrupt or criminal activities, appointed so many bad, ill-suited people to high positions for the wrong reasons, that it is beyond the scope of this letter to list them. Trump is the laughing stock for all the world leaders of our allies. Instead of “draining the swamp” he has enlarged it and made it slimier.

    • Today’s GOP places higher priority in protecting Trump rather than checking his excesses. Devon Nunes, for example, has been particularly egregious in placing protection of Trump first, rather than doing his job properly as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Today’s GOP leaders, with the exception of a few like Flake and McCain, have been wimps, afraid as hell of holding Trump honest in his job. GOP leaders have been and are big cowards, and they are not doing their job properly for the American people.

    • The recent tax cut bill is the height of fiscal irresponsibility; it will add over $1 trillion in new federal debt over the next several years. It gave a huge tax break to the super-rich, when they don’t need it. Now the GOP makes noises of cutting Medicare and Social Security to partially fund the tax cut for the super-rich.

    • I believe that health care should be affordable for all. Many working people cannot afford their own health care. Over the past three decades the GOP has made absolutely no effort to reform health care and to make it affordable and to protect people with pre-existing conditions. All they have done is to repeatedly try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and to allow health insurance companies to reinstall pre-existing conditions clauses in their insurance policies. Too many GOP senators and representatives are in beholden to special interests and lobbyists.

    • I am strongly against all the voter suppression and gerrymandering the GOP has done recently.

    Sincerely yours,
  • John Booth
    commented 2018-10-28 17:50:30 -0400
    This site needs to be proofed!. For example, Chuck Kitchen…no ‘s’ on his name. Take all the ‘titles’ off…Judge, Justice, Dr. so they will be consistent with their names as they appear on the ballot. Always care about Republicans appearing bright and informed. After all, we are asking citizens to entrust the governing of this country to us!!!
  • Claire Lincoln
    commented 2018-10-27 14:19:21 -0400